Rotary Power Sweep

This technique uses rods that are spun by machine as they’re pushed up into the chimney.

This enables the brushes to spin quickly and remove the maximum amount of soot and dirt in the most efficient way.

Traditional Brush and Rods

We can use the traditional brush and rod techniques if you’d prefer. ┬áThis takes a little longer than the rotary power sweep and often isn’t as effective in cleaning the chimney.

It may also be the case that a power sweep is inappropriate for your chimney and we’ll advise before carrying out any work if that’s the case.

Bird nest removal

Having a bird’s nest on your chimney can be dangerous because of the increased risk of chimney fire.

If you have a bird nest on your chimney then please give us a call since many insurance companies take a dim view of claims made as a result of a chimney fire caused my bird nests.