Chimney Safety by Tom Warne

Chimney safety and how to help prevent a chimney fire?

With the popularity of open fires and stoves it is important to be aware of your chimney safety. Your chimney needs to be kept clean and swept on a regular basis, please remember poor chimney maintenance can cause chimney fires.
Regular sweeps and inspections are essential, we recommend at least an annual sweep for smokeless fuel, oil and gas and a quarterly sweep for wood and bituminous coal when in use. Remember that soot and wood tar deposits can build up in your chimney which sweeping will remove, as well as bird nests and any other blockages which create a risk of chimney fires.

Here is an example of a chimney that has been poorly maintained in Leicestershire.

Suggested prevention of fire are:

  • Regularly sweep your chimney
  • Use fireguards, these not only stop sparks but protect small children and pets from the fire
  • Maintain and inspect your chimney liningChimney safety tips by Tom Warne Chimney sweeps in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire
  • Avoid standing or putting items too close to the fire
  • Keep logs and coal away from the fire as sparks may ignite them
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Don’t block air bricks or vents
  • Ensure that the correct fuel is used and always check with your appliances manufactures recommendation
  • Don’t burn unseasoned wood it is recommended that it has less than 17% moisture content
  • Make sure the fire is out before going to bed or leaving the house.

Also be aware that most insurance companies require a professional registered chimney sweep to sweep your chimney providing a certificate otherwise they may not pay out on a claim for a chimney fire. You may also be liable by the council if a fire is caused due to poor maintenance of your chimney and the fire brigade is called out.

Be Safe and keep your chimney clean!

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Messy job at a chimney sweep in Melton Mowbray

chimney sweep in melton mowbray
Before we started the chimney sweep in Melton Mowbray

We recently did a really messy chimney sweep in Melton Mowbray in NE Leicestershire.

The chimney was behind a bit of board and had soot and other debris was coming out through the side of it.

As you can see we got two large bin liners of all sorts out.

The first picture was what was there before we swept it so what came down was an unusual amount of muck and debris.

after photo from the chimney sweep in melton mowbray
This was what it looked like after we’d cleaned it up a bit
chimney sweep in melton mowbray
And this is the rubbish we took away

Collecting soot

TM Warne Chimney sweep in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire soot

It sometimes surprises our clients when they see just how much soot and dirt we remove from their chimney.

In the photo, we removed several kilograms of soot since the chimney hadn’t been cleaned in a while.

Obviously the longer you leave your chimney sweep the more soot gathers and the higher the likelihood that your chimney can become blocked.

Even a partial blockage can be dangerous.