Looking for a chimney sweep in Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire?

TM Warne is a National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) registered chimney sweep based in Wymeswold covering the whole of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

We’re pleased to advise on all aspects relating to the sweeping of your appliance and welcome business from both new and existing customers, many of who are happy to recommend me.TM Warne chimney sweep in Leicestershire NEFCW badge

Please contact us on 07821 774273 to make an appointment.  Simply leave your name, location and contact number, and we will return your call later the same day/evening.

We sweep using the latest rotary sweep equipment and the latest vac system and only charge £50.00 per chimney with special pricing for two or more at the same address.

We’re fully insured and cleanliness is our absolute priority!


About Us

Our Service is all about being clean, efficient and giving great customer service.

We use Rotary Power Sweep Equipment but can use the Brush and Rod Equipment if the customer would prefer.

T.M.Warne Chimney Service is part of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) one of the most recognised Associations in the country.

I am based in a small village called Wymeswold which is near Loughborough, meaning we can cover Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.


Rotary Power Sweep

This technique uses rods that are spun by machine as they’re pushed up into the chimney.

This enables the brushes to spin quickly and remove the maximum amount of soot and dirt in the most efficient way.

Traditional Brush and Rods

We can use the traditional brush and rod techniques if you’d prefer.  This takes a little longer than the rotary power sweep and often isn’t as effective in cleaning the chimney.

It may also be the case that a power sweep is inappropriate for your chimney and we’ll advise before carrying out any work if that’s the case.

Bird nest removal

Having a bird’s nest on your chimney can be dangerous because of the increased risk of chimney fire.

If you have a bird nest on your chimney then please give us a call since many insurance companies take a dim view of claims made as a result of a chimney fire caused my bird nests.


You can get in touch by:

Phone: 07821 774273

Email: tom@tmwarnechimneysweeps.co.uk